Some insights on the student life of BIPM students

BIPM stdent homeworkThe second semester of the master program is in full swing and we students want to share some experiences of our first semester as BIPM master students. Here (on the left) you see us doing our homework for the course “Learning from Structured Data”.

Beside the four courses the program includes every semester a tutorial. In the first semester we had the task to meet every week to discuss about the lectures and to capture our thought on a poster.

Beside learning and doing projects we use our free time to meet and have fun. A few weeks ago we used the nice weather for a BBQ. Today after class we plan to just sit together in the park behind the university. We also invited the professors to join us. Let’s see who will be there!

BIPM poster work

BIPM poster work 2BIPM collaboration







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article by the BIPM class 2014/15