In the course “Analytics Lab”, BIPM student teams worked together with companies and solved some of their toughest business analytics problems. The company projects covered the fields of web analytics, text mining, and predictive analytics. We thank the involved companies for their time and trust and the students for their great work. This is what the companies said about the projects:

BIPM Team "Webtrekk"

BIPM Team “Webtrekk”

“Webtrekk tracks almost 2 billion web site actions per day and currently develops a new product to provide real-time bidding for onsite marketing. Setting the optimal price based on analytics and context information is key to success. The RTB Guardians (our student group from the BIPM Master) applied state-of-the-art technology and machine learning algorithms to prepare and analyze real anonymized data from our RTB stream, and to optimize our bids.

Working with the students provided us with insights that we could not have found without their help, at least not in the short term. The students’ implementation of a simulator and evaluator for real-time bidding clarified our view on evaluating our own algorithms. Their deep analysis, literature research and successful implementation of a bidding prototype have become an accelerator for our own development in a small team.

We wish to thank Tamara, Helena, Martin, and Fabian for their diligence and great work in a complicated domain, as well as Prof. Müller for his academic guidance and inspiring ideas, and we are looking forward to the next joint project.“

Dr. Markus Schaal, Head of Data Science, Webtrekk GmbH

BIPM Team "Trade Machines"

BIPM Team “Trade Machines”

“In our daily business we encounter millions of datasets describing machines traded on our web platform for used industrial machinery ( In order to serve our users and clients with high quality machine descriptions, the aggregation, categorization and attributization of machine data is a major task of our daily work.

In our project with the Master of Business Intelligence and Process Management (BIPM) of the Berlin School of Economics and Law the students researched and prototyped the extraction of machine attributes, e.g. ‘dimensions’ and ‘weight’, from unstructured content using text mining approaches.

The work with the BIPM Master and the students was very fruitful and inspiring for us. The structured project process combined with the scientific background streamlined with our daily work and leaded to new approaches and insights. As one of the results we got a prototype tool chain providing us with the possibilities to proceed the work in a practical way.

So for us this was a very successful cooperation, especially for getting a fresh and innovative view on our daily challenges. ”

Wieland Knode, Managing Director, Trade Machines FI GmbH

BIPM Team "Smart Pricer"

BIPM Team “Smart Pricer”

“Smart Pricer’s dynamic pricing software helps companies increase revenue and fill more seats by setting the optimal price in real-time. For optimal price settings reliable demand forecasts are crucial.  Together with the Master of Business Intelligence and Process Management (BIPM) students of the Berlin School of Economics and Law we developed a holistic demand forecast model for movie theater shows. The students applied state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to build a model that automatically predicts the number of visitors for thousands of movie shows every week.

Working together with the student team was a fruitful experience for us. It allowed us to combine our business understanding with their solid academic know-how in data science to create a powerful prediction engine. Going forward the engine will help develop an even better dynamic pricing tool for movie theaters across Europe. We want to thank Leon, Lars and Jil for their enthusiasm and good work, as well as Prof. Müller, Prof. Habermann, and Prof. Soeffky for the academic guidance and look forward to the next joint project.”

Christian Kluge, CEO, Smart Pricer GmbH

The teams applied the Project Canvas to define and shape their projects. Download the original tool for free and benefit from it for your own purposes.