What is BIPM?

“Business Intelligence & Process Management” (BIPM) is a full-time masters program (M.Sc.) of the Berlin School of Economics and Law. It provides applied knowledge at the crossroads between business and technology. The “Business Intelligence” stream stresses the growing importance of data for corporate decision making. The “Business Process Management” stream focuses on the organizational impacts of information technology (IT). In sum, students acquire scientifically proven methods and applied approaches for connecting business with IT. 

BIPM in short

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Learning Philosophy
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The BIPM profile

Analytical Thinking 95
Business-orientation 75
IT-Orientation 75
Project Work 50

Our Didactical Principles


Each significant business challenge is a collaborative endeavor. Thus, attaining true excellence requires team effort, multiple points of view, and diverse skill sets. Particularly in cross-disciplinary fields like business information systems, collaboration and team building becomes increasingly critical. Learning to develop effective teams is therefore a cornerstone of our curriculum. BIPM fosters multi-disciplinary collaboration from small exercises to larger studies, and from conceptual experiments to practical projects. 


In today’s fast-changing world, leaders need to know how things get done. “Learning by doing” is fundamental to the BIPM experience. In our courses, students face comprehensive cases for which no simple “best practice” exists. Thus, our students learn to roll up their sleeves, face real-world problems, and learn to work with what they already know and what they learn during the course of their studies. Then, through systematic reflection, they deeply reinforce the essentials of understanding that are best produced by applying knowledge to action. 


BIPM students learn to use systems thinking to understand the technical, managerial, and societal components of complex challenges, and how they influence each other as part of a larger system. Students learn to understand the differences between complexity and complicatedness and how to handle systems with respective characteristics. Through rigorous classroom assignments and interdisciplinary projects, they learn to see “Business Information Systems” in new ways and to innovate and lead from this inclusive and holistic view. 

BIPM Curriculum

BIPM is a 3-semesters masters program (in case of an internship, the program will take 4 semesters). During the 1st semester, the program builds upon previous Bachelor studies, creates a common knowledge base, and starts developing areas of expertise and specialization. The 2nd semester takes the first semester’s modules further. In the “Business Process Lab” and in the “Data Analytics Lab” students apply learned theories in projects of choice. Thus, students gain practical skills in analysis, conceptualization, and implementation which are crucial for their later career. The final semester is scheduled for completing the degree by submitting the dissertation and defending it in an oral exam. In parallel, a research methodology seminar is provided to support academic work.

How to apply?

BIPM is a masters program of the Berlin School of Economics and Law

The program starts annually, in October. The application period is from April to June. Clicking on the button brings you to the university website where you get up-to-date information about the application requirements and the selection procedure!

How to apply?