How do our students prepare for the upcoming semester? Throughout our program, we make extensive use of R, Python and SQL. One of our favorite tools to learn and practice coding is DataCamp, the data science platform that offers interactive online courses.

We implemented DataCamp into our tutorial sessions last semester. It is an easy way for our students to enhance their coding skills through interactive courses. The concept is simple. First, the theory and some example code is explained in a short video. Then you are provided with an interactive command line and code snippets which you have finalize and execute. Afterwards you’ll see whether your code runs or not. If you are stuck you can request a hint.

In every DataCamp exercise, you are writing and running real R, Python, or SQL code. You won’t just learn the theory, you’ll get hands-on experience exploring real data sets in courses covering the entire data science workflow.

It offers more than 80+ courses such as Intro to Python for Data Science, Cleaning Data in R, Deep Learning in Python and many more. Our students can also choose designated career tracks such as Data Scientist with R or Python Programmer. Those career tracks include all courses which are relevant for such a career.

Our students think DataCamp is a great platform that lets them easily learn new code and keeps their motivation high through its interactive sessions. If you want to learn like our students, just head over to DataCamp and give it a try.