winter 2017/18

Getting Ready with DataCamp

How do our students prepare for the upcoming semester? Throughout our program, we make extensive use of R, Python and SQL. One of our favorite tools to learn and practice coding is DataCamp, the data science platform that offers interactive online courses.

We implemented DataCamp into our tutorial sessions last semester. It is an easy way […]

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    Winner of the Bosch #BCX17 Connected Experience Hackathon 2017

Winner of the Bosch #BCX17 Connected Experience Hackathon 2017

In March 2017, business leaders from all over the world came together at Bosch’s annual Connected World conference to talk about the future of IoT. As part of this event one of the biggest hardware Hackathons in Germany was also hosted. Four of our BIPM students had the opportunity to attend the event due […]

Upcoming Information Session (Winter 2017/18)

Attend our information session and learn more about the master program “Business Intelligence and Process Management (M.Sc.)” of the Berlin School of Economics and Law.

You want to build up on your bachelor studies and gain hands-on knowledge at the intersection between business and technology? You want to acquire scientifically proven methods and apply them […]