BIPM is an inter-disciplinary university program. As an applicant you should be interested in various fields of knowledge. These fields comprise business informatics, general management, project management as well as mathematics and statistics.

Quite naturally, most people have their strengths in the one or the other domain. However, basic concepts from all mentioned fields should already be known when applying. This way, participants of the program can be sure to master the challenges and have fun while studying.

Are you prepared for BIPM?

We – the BIPM Profs – have developed an online quiz which might help you to answer this question. The quiz provides 30 entry-level questions which cover essential fields of knowledge. Answering the questions takes around 45 minutes. At the end of the quiz, you will get a brief assessment of your applicability.

Your participation is anonymous, and your data will not be rrecorded.

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by Frank Habermann