On October 1st and 2nd, a new group of students has been playfully introduced to the BIPM program. By means of stories and games, students got to know each other, and they learned about their courses and upcoming challenges.

Ballpoint GameIn brief interviews, students identified their most wanted “super powers”, and they found out the super powers of their Professors. Not surprisingly, students come with amazing super powers themselves, and we all have been very thrilled after disclosing, what we are already able to do and what we are aiming for. The first day ended with a “Ballpoint Experience”, an agile team exercise. In quick iterations, students developed a very original procedure to move 128 tennis balls in only two minutes from a full to an empty basket. A truly great performance!

Marshmallow ExperienceThe second day, teams of four built constructions out of raw spaghetti, tape, and string. The highest free standing structure which carries a marshmallow on top wins. In our “Marshmallow Experience”, the winning team produced a tower of 65 centimeters. Well done! The second day ended with an approach to visualization and graphic recording. Eventually, students have been introduced to their “Office of Learning”, a room dedicated to draw a “map of BIPM”, outline connections between single program modules and identify room for improvement.

We are looking forward to a semester full of fun and learning!

by Frank Habermann